Visser Produce

Seed Potatoes

Visser Produce (2014) Inc. supplies seed potatoes to commercial potato growers in several countries around the world. Our shipments meet the demanding Canadian federal standards of quality. On Prince Edward Island, a strong support network of research and extension specialists, combined with a strict certification program, inspire client confidence in the production of the best possible seed potatoes. During the growing season, all seed fields are inspected by trained Agriculture Canada personnel. Further inspections occur at harvest and storage, with random samples taken for laboratory testing. All our seed is Elisa Virus Tested before shipping and must meet all regulations required necessary for entering each country.   Each grower is identified by a class certification number, which allows easy identification of the origin of all seed shipments. Every shipment is government inspected before leaving Canada, making our seed potatoes subject to the closest scientific scrutiny in the world.

Find information about our varieties below and contact us with your order requirements. Other varieties, including European varieties, are available upon request.


Seed potatoes are available from the first week of September until first week of May.

& Sizing

Potatoes are packed in new jute bags.

Sizes will depend upon request by the buyer.

Sizes can be 25 Kg, 100 lb, or jumbo bags.

Available Varieties