Visser Produce

What We Do

About Our Operation

Visser Produce (2014) Inc. strives to produce and deliver quality product to customers around the world.

We select our contract growers carefully, and only those adhering to our high standards for best management practices are accepted. Our contract growers constantly research new varieties, new pest and disease management techniques and products, as well as the latest agronomic practices for sustainable farming. During harvesting care is taken to optimize product quality by minimizing potential causes of bruising. Storage monitoring involves monitoring pile temperature and humidity, along with all other factors influencing potato quality in storage. We apply stringent quality assurance measures when grading and packing potatoes.

Visser Produce (2014) Inc. supplies seed potatoes, table stock and processing potatoes according to your needs. We ship potatoes to many countries in the world and we pride ourselves in our excellent after-sales service.

About Our Location

The climate and soil conditions in Prince Edward Island, located off the east coast of Canada, are excellent for growing potatoes. The Island's rich sandy soil, clean air and water, and its long cold winters that naturally cleanse the soil, provide the perfect environment for growing high quality potatoes.

In addition, experience and adaptation of the latest growing, storing and shipping techniques have given Prince Edward Island growers the ability to deliver excellent quality potatoes. Just as connoisseurs of fine wine say they can taste the soil in which the grapes are grown, the Prince Edward Island potato has a flavour that is unique because of the Island's rich red soil.

P.E.I. farmers have been producing potatoes for the world since 1790. Today, potatoes are P.E.I.'s primary cash crop. During the 2015 season, approximately 89,500 acres of potatoes were harvested, producing approximately 26,000,000 hundredweight (1 hundredweight (cwt.) = 100lbs.)

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